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Market Lambs 100-110 lbs.

Class number:  042        Class Date:  2/23/08

Judge:   Sam Funk


Judging Contest Winners: 

Under 15:  lambgirl2013

15-18:  Crissa, Millie, PTCClublambs

Over 18:  calleann


Official Placing: 2, 1, 4, 3

Cuts:  2, 3, 4


We are presented in this class with two wethers that have muscle that would seem to hang higher value carcasses on the rail, and two lambs that are leveler in their kind that do not have as much muscle shape/volume.


I find this a class with an animal that should not go first if you use the heavier muscled lambs in the top pair (4), and a lamb that should not go first if you use the “showier” pattern lambs in the top pair (3).


I do not like neck placement and drop behind the shoulder of 1, and since we cannot see the top from the rear shot, I’m left thinking this lamb is not as good over the top as we would like to see.  Considering the narrow view of the rump and leg from the rear shot, I’m very tempted to move her out of the top pair.


I like the volume of muscle, bone and structure we see in 2.  Add in that since this class title is a market class and not a prospect class and I find a lamb that may be most appropriate in its condition here.  I sure don’t appreciate the slope to the rump visible from the rear shot and that front end is not attractive.  But this is the more complete lamb in this class.


From the side 3 is one of the more attractive lambs.  But we can see here that the drawn up rear flank and less bulge of shape through the rear leg gives us questions as to the muscling of this lamb.  Sure enough, from the rear view we have the lightest muscled lamb in the class.  That is not muscle shape with the middle of the lamb from the rear shot floating out there, that is undesirable shape in the lamb.  Can you guess where this lamb is heading?


Then we get to 4.  Another thick lamb.  Wide structured.  Big leg.  Not the amount of shape over the top we have in 2 and not near the levelness of top in the other lambs.  One of the black faced lambs that didn’t finish above 110 pounds – not my ideal for heading to the rail for a top market lamb.

First Place:  2

Entry number:  182

Exhibitor:  r2jhurst

State:  CA

Breed:  Suffolk/Hampshire X



I started this class with the lamb that is most complete in terms of market ready condition, muscle mass, and acceptable look for the show ring and preferred the alignment 2, 1, 4, 3 in this class of market lambs.


While our class winner is not an ideal show animal in terms of pattern for the show ring, it is the animal we have available in this class that wins in terms of his power through the leg, muscle width over the top and enough cover to head to the rail hanging a carcass that I would expect to produce more total pounds of valuable product than 1.


Second Place:  1

Entry number:  136

Exhibitor:  MissyLou

State:  TX

Sheep name/number:  Daisy

Breed:  Medium Wool



While 1 is more level over the top and especially through rump than 2, she is a lighter muscled animal that doesn’t jump to the front in a finished market class.


Still in a middle pair of contrasting types, 1 is the more desirable show animal.  I find her adequate in this class for muscle. 


While I question the shape over the top of both animals in this pair, 4 is the wider structured animal when viewed from behind with more thickness through the center portion of the leg. 


Third Place:  4

Entry number:  223



Still the massive wether places third for his uneven top line and lack of definitive and complete advantage in muscle characteristics with a top that does not show true superiority.


Still in a bottom pair, 4 places over 3 with a definite advantage in muscle mass being especially thicker through the leg.


Fourth Place:  3

Entry number:  203



3 is simply deficient in muscle in this class.  I appreciate that she's more level over her top and out her hip than 4, but in a market class 3 is the animal that I expect will produce the carcass with the least value on the rail.


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